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Glass packaging technology (part 1)

Glass, ceramics and metals are engineered through co-sealing sintering process. KWT provides a method to isolate and seal electrical conductor poles and pins from an environment through a co-sealing sintering process engineering. The upper and lower layers of glass and ceramic form a sealed insulating isolation layer, and are used as electrical conductor poles, pins and jackets. The insulator between the substrates. Because glass and ceramics exhibit excellent dielectric and electrical insulation properties, very low thermal conductivity, and reliable mechanical strength, glass and ceramics can achieve reliable power and signal output and smooth input in harsh environments.

There are two ways of co-sealing sintering of glass, ceramics and metal:

Matching sealing: mainly for the co-sealing sintering process engineering of magnetic metal and intermediate layer glass and ceramics. The normal situation is to select intermediate glass and metal with relatively close expansion coefficients. During the gradual cooling process after high-temperature sealing, the shrinkage of the glass and the metal is kept consistent, thereby reducing the internal stress caused by the difference between the shrinkage of the glass and the metal. From the perspective of the sintering and packaging process, temperature, time, air content, and oxide layer are the four elements in the sealing. The four complement each other and must not be treated in isolation, affecting the bonding strength and airtight effect of glass, ceramic and metal co-sealing sintering. At the same time, in order to ensure the superiority of the mechanical strength and high pressure resistance of the sealing products, more and more sealing products are adding ceramic and glass co-sealing sintering process engineering, mainly using the affinity adhesion generated by glass and ceramics under certain conditions Composed of upper and lower layers and metal synchronous sealing to form a sealed insulating barrier.

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