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Electronic connector electroplating technology

Electronic connectors include connectors (plug-ins and sockets), connectors, terminal blocks, coupler terminals, current contact shrapnel (relays), gold-plated/silver leads/sheets of plug-in electronic components, and SMD electronic components Patch holders, electronic circuit board connectors, etc.

The advanced electroplating automatic production line will replace the conventional manual and semi-automatic barrel plating and rack plating production methods. At present, the advanced equipment suitable for connector electroplating includes: vibration electroplating equipment, strip selective electroplating equipment and chemical plating equipment, especially strip selective electroplating equipment as the main choice. At present, most types of contacts have been punched into strips for electroplating. With the development of connector types, more and more products will adopt this contact production method. Continuous plating is suitable for terminals, connectors, copper strips, copper wires, LEDs, semiconductors and other parts.

1) Continuous electroplating production line Continuous electroplating, continuous strip material after stamping and forming, or copper strip electroplating after stamping, continuous electroplating combined production line, called roll-to-roll electroplating abroad. Continuous electroplating is not only advanced and reliable in production technology, but also easier to achieve in terms of reducing pollution emissions. Compressed air nozzles are installed at both ends of the plating tank where the plating parts enter and exit the tank, which can reduce the washing water brought into the plating tank to dilute the plating solution. It also reduces the loss of the plating solution and further turns into pollutants, which increases the difficulty of wastewater treatment. The cleaning process can be made into multi-stage countercurrent spray washing. These technologies that are not easy to achieve for barrel plating are easy on continuous plating lines. Do it. For example, a 40-meter-long double-line continuous electroplating line has an average daily waste water discharge of only about 20M, which is a low-polluting process.

Electroplating processing with strip material selective electroplating equipment can not only meet the needs of various functional parts of the contact body, but also save the consumption of precious metal materials, and at the same time can meet the needs of automated assembly.

The selective electroplating production line of strip material has immersion type, spray type with mask, drum mask mode and fixed head brush plating type. When choosing this type of production line, it should be determined according to the shape of the strip and the quality requirements of the functional parts of the coating, and it is not necessary to prepare a fully functional production line.

2) The combination technology of continuous electroplating production line integrates high-speed electroplating technology, liquid-level selective electroplating, fixed-head brush plating and mask-based selective electroplating, and can realize some components of the plating solution (such as additives, main salt level, etc.) ) And automatic control of certain process parameters (temperature, pH value, etc.), installing a ray-type thickness gauge, which can realize online continuous measurement and control of coating thickness and alloy composition. It is a collection of a series of more advanced electroplating technologies, with high production efficiency, good product quality and performance consistency, and can save 90-95% of precious metals compared with conventional ones. It is the most representative combined electroplating process for the production of electronic connectors. technology.

1) Selective electroplating technology, according to product requirements, only selectively apply coating on the parts that need to be coated, such as contacts, welding wires, the plating area is only 5-10% of the conventional barrel plating area, and the thickness distribution It is more uniform and reasonable, especially the fixed head brush plating and mask plating method, only the precious metal is plated on one side of the contact part, and the saving effect is significant.

2) High-speed electroplating technology The plating part itself moves, and the plating solution is forced to flow countercurrently to the direction of movement of the plating part at a higher speed in the plating tank. Under this condition, even if ordinary plating solution is used, it is allowed to use more than double the conventional rack plating. Current density, working speed of continuous electroplating line 1-30m/min, clock cycle speed is also fast, with high-speed plating solution with higher main salt concentration, allowing the upper limit current density to reach three times or more than normal rack plating Many, fixed-head brush plating and mask plating, the distance between the cathode and anode is very close, the plating solution is renewed (circulation) speed is very fast, its current density is increased more than conventional, and the plating speed is greatly improved.

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