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Connector product category

Although the division of connector product types is a bit confusing, from a technical point of view, there are only two basic classification methods for connector product categories:

①According to the shape structure: round and rectangular (cross section);

②According to the working frequency: low frequency and high frequency (with 3MHz as the boundary).

According to the above division, the coaxial connector is round, and the printed circuit connector is rectangular (historically, the printed circuit connector is indeed separated from the rectangular connector), and the current popular The cross section of the rectangular connector is trapezoidal, which is approximately rectangular. The frequency division of low-frequency and high-frequency and radio waves based on 3MHz is basically the same.

As for other types, they can be divided into many different types according to usage, installation method, special structure, special performance, etc., and they often appear in publications and manufacturer's promotional materials, but generally only to highlight a certain feature and purpose, the basic classification is still Does not exceed the above division principle.

Taking into account the technical development and actual situation of the connector, from its versatility and related technical standards, the connector can be divided into the following categories (sub-categories):

①Low-frequency circular connector;

②Rectangular connector;

③Printed circuit connector;

④ RF coaxial connector;

⑤Optical fiber connector.

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